Materia Medica and Repertory for Homeobotanical Therapy eBook

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This book has been created to assist both practitioner and students in the skillful use and clinical application of Homeobotanical Therapy. It prefaces with an overview of how to make Homeobotanical formulations as well as age-related doses, use with pharmaceutical medications and general safety.

Available in epub or epdf format.

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The updated version contains in-depth datasheets for all the individual herbs used in each Hb formula. Safety tables have also been created for quick referencing of interactions, precautions and contraindications as well as use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Datasheets are listed in alphabetical order, and then numerically followed by the cream activator range. Please note that there is no Hb #20 – a window has been left for the creation of a new formula for the future.

The New Zealand Native range is not captured in this book but will be included in the next edition and as a separate book. While there is some scientific research available for a few of the botanicals in the native range, the majority of information for Rongoā Māori (Māori medicine) is still traditional knowledge being handed down by the Māori Tohunga of each Iwi.

Based on practitioner request, the Repertory has also been included in the book, so it serves as a one-stop resource. This book also serves as a resource for the Advanced Certificate in Homeobotanical Therapy. For information on this course, or to register, please contact the Herbal Energy Centre (

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