Introduction Workshop

Introduction to Homeobotanical Therapy

Interested in using homeobotanicals in your natural health practice but not sure if it’s the right modality for you and your clients?

This free introductory webinar explains the who, what, why and how of homeobotanicals!

Who- Meet Bernadette Bekker, the current owner of Homeobotanicals

What- Learn what homeobotanical concentrates actually are and get a feel for the classics range and how they work to get remarkable results

Why- Hear WHY we love this range so much (and why you will too!)

How- Next step? Learn how to get started with the classics range and what to do if you want to start using them in practice

This webinar is perfect for any health practitioner or student who is exploring homeobotanical therapy and wants an overview before getting certified or purchasing concentrates.