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Homeobotanical Practitioners are found in many countries, including New Zealand, Australia, United States and the United Kingdom. This site is offered as a service to both the public and practitioners.

Before booking an appointment, we highly recommend that you check that the practitioner listed does dispense Homeobotanical formulas. Always ask the practitioner what they are qualified as, eg Naturopath. Also ask what Natural Health organisations they hold membership with, and if they have a current Practising Certificates.

Please note that we endeavour to include only suitably qualified Practitioners who offer Homeobotanical Therapy, we are unable to give Recommendation or a Guarantee.

Address: 28 Pembroke Street, Palmerston North
Business Name: Health Solutions

Naturopath with 20 years experience. Offering Naturopathy, clinical nutrition, Bowen Therapy. Support and advice

Modalities/Qualifications: Naturopath, Homeobotanical Therapy, Bowen Technique
Country: New Zealand
Phone: 274049136
Anna Jenkins
Address: Falmouth Natural Health Centre
Falmouth, Cornwall
Business Name: Anna Jenkins LCCH Homeopath

I have been involved in Homeopathy for many years. I first used it for my own health issues at a young age, successfully managing my condition without the plethora of pharmaceuticals I had been prescribed. I then studied to become a professional Homeopath and have treated many different conditions for clients, friends and family. I love being a Homeopath and love to see the results it can achieve.

I hold a Licentiate degree in Homeopathy having completed 4 years of study at the Contemporary College of Homeopathy Bristol in 2011. (LCCH)
I have completed the Homeobotanicals training course and love working with this system, achieving remarkable results

While studying I gained experience working in the college clinic and then worked at Second Step mental health charity as a student homeopath.

I believe that a Homeopath should see healing as a partnership, with the patient, practitioner and remedies working together to restore well-being. This can be achieved alongside the use of conventional medication.

I offer Homeopathy consultations in both Falmouth and near Penzance, as well as via phone and Skype.

Modalities/Qualifications: Licentiate degree in Homeopathy from the Contemporary College of Homeopathy Bristol in 2011. (LCCH) Homeobotanicals Therapy Certificate through Dr Kerslake (Homeobotanical Therapy UK&Europe)
Country: United Kingdom
Address: 23 Coco Parade, Skye, 3977
Business Name: Annette’s Natural Healing
Modalities/Qualifications: Naturopathy, herbal medicine, homoeobotanicals, interest in children with autism
Phone: (03) 9786 7971
Address: 4 Trevordea Frank Street, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, 6045
Eastern Cape
Business Name: Dr BP Nagel
Modalities/Qualifications: Chiropractor, Homoeopath, Naturopath
Country: South Africa
Phone: 027 8278 81533
Address: 114 Ruawai Road
Business Name: Marama Healing
Modalities/Qualifications: Homeobotanical Therapy. Traditional Herbal Medicine. Aromatherapy. Biofield Healing including Aquarian Healing, Reiki and Healing Touch. Flower Essence Consultant - NZNFE, FIndhorn, Healing Orchids.
Country: New Zealand
Phone: 0274312210
Address: 173a Booran Road
Business Name: Holistic Notion

David is a natural health practitioner who’s mission is to help people make a positive shift in their health and lives.

He is registered with the Australian Register of Homeopaths (AROH) and is a professional member of the Australian Homoeopathic Association (AHA).

David received his qualification in Homeopathy at Endeavour College of Natural Health; Australia’s peak natural therapies institution. He has undertaken further training with Arya Ayurveda Academy and continues to study methods relevant for today, such as organotherapy, detox and natural support for people with chronic disease. Blending the best of Homeopathy with Herbalism, David loves the Homeobotanical therapy!

Modalities/Qualifications: Homeopathy, Ayurvedic practitioner
Country: Australia
Phone: (03) 9088 3930
Address: West Sussex
Business Name: Yes to Wellness

Homeobotanical Trainer for UK and Europe

Country: UK
Address: 6 John Street, Petone, Lower Hutt, 5012
Business Name: Nourishe
Modalities/Qualifications: Naturopath, Massage Therapist, Ortho-Bionomy
Phone: 027 251 9553
Address: Shop 6, 43 Macquarie Street
Harmony Centre DUBBO, 2830
Business Name: Back 2 Back Body Maintenance
Modalities/Qualifications: Remedial and therapeutic Massage, Dorn Spinal Therapy, Herbal Advice, Mineral Therapy, IFAS High Frequency Therapy
Phone: 439229059
Address: 473 West Tamar Highway
Riverside, Launceston
Modalities/Qualifications: Naturopath
Country: Australia
Phone: +61 478 608 647.